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ClearVoice TV Weekly Guide
7:00a Cartoon Porky's Café
  Cartoon Campus Capers Restored
  Cartoon The Magnetic Telescope
  Cartoon My Old Kentucky Home First Sound Cartoon UNCUT
  Cartoon Little Red School Mouse Restored
  Cartoon The Cobweb Hotel
  Cartoon Merrie Melodies The Early Worm Gets the Bird
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 25
8:00a 50sMovies The Gold Rush
  50sMovies Pardon My Pups
  50sMovies First Spaceship on Venus
 MusicVideos80S Best 19-3-10
 MusicVideos80S Best 6-35
 MusicVideos80S Best 47-28
 MusicVideos80S Best 10-1
 MusicVideos80S Best 53-34
11:40a Martian S1-E20 My Favorite Martian My Nephew the Artist
 MusicVideos80S Best 7-36
 MusicVideos80S Best 5-31
 MusicVideos80S Best 13-3-4
12:20a Bonanza S2E19 Bank Run
1:10p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Young Rip Torn Gets His Last Laugh
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents WhoDunIt
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Daughter Longs For Freedom
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Creeper
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Hidden Thing
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Hitchcock Addresses His Fluctuating Figure
2:00p TheShadow S1-E7 Where Horror Waits
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 13
2:20p 30sMovies The Hidden Hand Mystery Suspense Thriller
  30sMovies X Marks the Spot
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 33
4:20p 30sMovies In Shanghai Charlie Chan
  30sMovies The Dentist
  30sMovies Sherlock Holmes The Perfect Husband
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 19
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 55
6:30p 50sMovies Something to Sing About
  50sMovies Disorder In The Court
  50sMovies Malice In The Palace
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 05
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 11
8:30p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Hustling the Hustler
 MusicVideos80S Best 31-16
 MusicVideos80S Best 3-14
9:00p TheLoneRanger The Lone Ranger The Black Hat
 MusicVideos80S Best 30-15
 MusicVideos80S Best 29-13
 MusicVideos80S Best 49-30
9:40p Documentary The Baltic forest and moorland
  Documentary Kenya Safari through the land of the rhinos
 MusicVideos80S Best 2-3-11
 MusicVideos80S Best 37-21
11:30p 50sMovies The Duke is Tops
7:00a Cartoon The Ducktators
  Cartoon Old MacDonald Had A Farm
  Cartoon The Mild West
  Cartoon Confusions of a Nutzy Spy
  Cartoon A Mutt In A Rut
  Cartoon Prest-O Change
  Cartoon Color Classics Play Safe
  Cartoon Hollywood Capers
8:00a 50sMovies Open Range
  50sMovies Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
 MusicVideos80S Best 17-6
11:30a Martian S3-E22 My Favorite Martian Butterball
 MusicVideos80S Best 28-12
 MusicVideos80S Best 11-3-2
12:10a Bonanza S2E6 Denver McKee
 MusicVideos80S Best 43-24
 MusicVideos80S Best 51-33
 MusicVideos80S Best 33-17
 MusicVideos80S Best 1-21
 MusicVideos80S Best 44-25
1:20p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Morning Of The Bride
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents My Wife Doesnt Know Me... Yet
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents A Ventriloquists Confession
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents A Princes Suicidal Infatuation
2:00p TheShadow S1-E14 The Sealed Room
2:20p 30sMovies Scott Lord Mystery Agatha Christie Love from a Stranger
3:50p 30sMovies Paradise Express
  30sMovies Gumbasia
5:50p 50sMovies The Lady Vanishes
  50sMovies All-American Co-Ed
 MusicVideos80S Best 46-27
 MusicVideos80S Best 12-3-3
8:20p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show You Ought to Be in Pictures
 MusicVideos80S Best 13-4
 MusicVideos80S Best 18-3-9
 MusicVideos80S Best 36-20
9:00p TheLoneRanger The Lone Ranger Double Jeopardy
  TheLoneRanger The Lone Ranger Return of the Convict
9:40p Documentary Serengeti The adventure
  Documentary Curious marmots in the Alps
 MusicVideos80S Best 16-5
 MusicVideos80S Best 45-26
 MusicVideos80S Best 17-3-8
11:10p 50sMovies The Medicine Man
7:00a Cartoon Gabby The Constable
  Cartoon Looney Toons Fin n Catty
  Cartoon Popeye The Sailor I'm in the Army Now
  Cartoon The Dover Boys of Pimento University
  Cartoon Color Classics The Song Of The Birds
  Cartoon Boos in the Nite
  Cartoon Color Classics Play safe
  Cartoon Greedy Humpty Dumpty
8:00a 50sMovies Captain Kidd
  50sMovies Gideon's Day (aka Gideon of Scotland Yard) John Ford Jack Hawkins
11:00a Martian S3-E20 My Favorite Martian Man From Uncle Martin v2
  Martian S3-E3 My Favorite Martian Martin of the Movies-
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 27
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 38
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 20
12:00a Bonanza S1E25 Escape To Ponderosa
 MusicVideos80S Best 11-2
 MusicVideos80S Best 19-7
 MusicVideos80S Best 4-22
1:10p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents What Really Happened Last Night
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Ill Take Care of You
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Humiliated
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Hitchcock Gets A Translator
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Hitchcock Roots For His Favourite Team
1:50p TheShadow S1-E8 The Shadow Rides the Rails
2:10p 30sMovies The Goldeneye Charlie Chan
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour March 23, 1952
4:00p 30sMovies Phantom Killer
  30sMovies Hell Island
  30sMovies The Golf Specialist
 MusicVideos80S Best 34-18
 MusicVideos80S Best 50-32
6:50p 50sMovies Jack And The Beanstalk
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour June 5, 1955
8:50p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show The Impractical Joke
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show The Bad Old Days
10:10p TheLoneRanger The Lone Ranger Outlaw of the Plains
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 21
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 44
10:40p Documentary Lorelei The fascinating biodiversity of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley
  Documentary The greatest animal migration on earth
7:00a Cartoon Looney Tunes 90 Day Wondering
  Cartoon the timid toreador
  Cartoon A Song a Day
  Cartoon No! No! A Thousand Times No!
  Cartoon Eatin' on the Cuff The Moth Who Came to Dinner
  Cartoon Color Classics The Fresh Vegetable Mystery
  Cartoon it's a Hap Hap Happy Day
  Cartoon No Mutton Fer Nuttin
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 53
8:00a 50sMovies Till The Clouds Roll By
  50sMovies Abbot and Costello Africa Screams
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 02
11:40a Martian S2-E20 My Favorite Martian A Martian Fiddles Around
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 56
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 24
12:10a Bonanza S3E10 The Horse Breaker
 MusicVideos80S Best 15-3-6
1:10p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Innocent Until Proven A Killer
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Mamas Boy
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Deadly Infatuation
1:50p TheShadow S1-E6 The Shadow's Trap
2:00p 30sMovies Dream Girl
3:30p 30sMovies Patterns Rod Serling
  30sMovies Your Aunt Emma!
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 15
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 46
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 23
6:00p 50sMovies The 39 Steps
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour November 12, 1950
8:10p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Washington vs the Bunny
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Jilting the Jilter
 MusicVideos80S Best 12-3
 MusicVideos80S Best 35-19
 MusicVideos80S Best 2-8
9:20p TheLoneRanger The Lone Ranger High Heels
  TheLoneRanger The Lone Ranger Barnaby Boggs, Esquire
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 52
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 23
10:10p Documentary Magical Moors The big country
  Documentary The Pan-American Highway From Peru to Tierra del Fuego
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 07
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 25
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour December 19, 1954
12:30p SciFi Alien Origin
7:00a Cartoon The Kids in the Shoe
  Cartoon Color Classics Ants In The Plants
  Cartoon Porky's Preview
  Cartoon Mickey sings Minnie's Yoo Hoo
  Cartoon Fresh Vegetable Mystery
  Cartoon Cobweb Hotel
  Cartoon A Tale of Two Kitties
  Cartoon The Mechanical Monsters
  Cartoon Any Bonds Today
8:00a 50sMovies The Great Dan Patch
  50sMovies The Inspector General
 MusicVideos80S Best 10-3-1
11:30a Martian S2-E36 My Favorite Martian El Señor from Mars
 MusicVideos80S Best 48-29
12:10a Bonanza S1E30 Feet Of Clay-lRx7
 MusicVideos80S Best 25-11
 MusicVideos80S Best 21-3-13
 MusicVideos80S Best 16-3-7
1:30p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents A True Devil Incarnate
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Patricia Hitchcock In The Belfry
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Gentleman From America
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents A New Friend Breaks Her Trust
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Opening Scene To Frenzy
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Are You In Or Out
2:10p TheShadow S1-E13 Wheels of Death
2:30p 30sMovies Gang Bullets
  30sMovies Half a Sinner Dalton Trumbo
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 05
4:30p 30sMovies Sherlock Holmes Terror By Night
  30sMovies Sherlock Holmes The Spider Woman
6:30p 50sMovies A Matter Of Life And Death
 MusicVideos80S Best 40-23
8:30p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Who Owes Who What
 MusicVideos80S Best 20-3-12
9:20p TheLoneRanger The Lone Ranger The Man with Two Faces
  TheLoneRanger The Lone Ranger Eye for an Eye
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 16
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 04
10:10p Documentary The Mars Underground
 MusicVideos80S Best 24-10
11:40p 50sMovies All Ashore
7:00a Cartoon The Henpecked Rooster Restored
  Cartoon Porky Pig Boom Boom
  Cartoon Popeye The Sailor A Date to Skate
  Cartoon Puss N' Booty
  Cartoon Wackiki Wabbit
  Cartoon Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Short 171 Beach Combers
  Cartoon Congo Jazz (Restored)
  Cartoon Mickey Mouse Mickey's Surprise Party
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 45
8:00a Animation The 3 Stooges Vol 1
  Animation A Ride For Cinderella
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 01
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 36
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 09
9:40a Bonanza S4E1 The First Born
 MusicVideos80S Best 23-3-15
10:40a Martian S1-E3 My Favourite Martian There Is No Cure for the Common Martian
  Martian S1-E9 My Favourite Martian Rocket to Mars
  Martian S2-E23 My Favorite Martian Gone But Not Forgotten
12:00a 50sMovies Beyond Tomorrow
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 11
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 10
1:30p Documentary Killing to Survive Hunting Orcas on the Patagonian coast
  Documentary Lobsters The armoured knights of the oceans
  Documentary The Cape Verde Islands
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 19
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 43
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 06
3:30p 30sMovies Beyond Tomorrow
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour February 10, 1952
5:40p 30sMovies The Pay Off
  30sMovies Pardon My Pups
7:10p 50sMovies Nothing Sacred
8:20p TheInvisibleMan S1-E10 Jailbreak
  TheInvisibleMan S2-E8 The White Rabbit
9:10p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show The Square Triangle
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show The Man From My Uncle
 MusicVideos80S Best 23-9
10:20p 50sMovies My Dear Secretary
12:00p SciFi Red Planet
7:00a Cartoon Kids in the Shoe
  Cartoon Farm Frolics
  Cartoon Notes to You
  Cartoon Porky's Garden
  Cartoon Daffy Duck The Commando (Restored)
  Cartoon Color Classics Little Lambkins
  Cartoon Merrie Melodies Bars and Stripes Forever
  Cartoon Woody Woodpecker - Pantry Panic
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 14
8:00a Animation Alice In Paris
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour December 30, 1951
9:30a Bonanza S2E1 Showdown
  Bonanza S3E20 The Auld Sod
11:10a Martian S3-E23 My Favorite Martian When a Martian Makes His Violin Cry
  Martian S1-E35 My Favorite Martian Shake Well and Don't Use
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 16
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 10
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 39
12:10a 50sMovies My Man Godfrey Carole Lombard
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 01
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 20
1:50p Documentary The most dangerous moments When film makers risk their lives
  Documentary The fascinating migration of tuna
 MusicVideos80S Best 14-3-5
4:00p 30sMovies Sherlock Holmes In Washington
  30sMovies The Shadow
6:20p 30sMovies The Big Chance
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour May 30, 1954
8:00p TheInvisibleMan S1-E8 The Mink coat
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E9 Blind Justice
  TheInvisibleMan S2-E13 The Big Plot
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E7 Shadow On The Screen
9:40p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Ghost of A Chantz
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show The Plots Thicken
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Sally and the Lab Technician
 CartoonLa Linea S00 Episode 03
11:00p 50sMovies The Little Princess Shirley Temple

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