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ClearVoice TV Weekly Guide
7:00a Cartoon Swing Cleaning
  Cartoon A Song a Day
  Cartoon Betty Boop Betty Boop's Ker Choo
  Cartoon The Magnetic Telescope
  Cartoon Porky's Garden
  Cartoon Sudden Fried Chicken
  Cartoon Have You Got Any Castles
  Cartoon Campus Capers Restored
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 46
8:00a 50sMovies People Are Funny
  50sMovies Winterhawk
  50sMovies Pardon My Pups
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 10
 CartoonLa Linea S00 Episode 01
11:40a Martian S1-E15 My Favourite Martian Poor Little Rich Cat
 MusicVideos80S Best 3-14
 MusicVideos80S Best 11-2
 MusicVideos80S Best 35-19
 MusicVideos80S Best 53-34
12:10a Bonanza S4E30 Saga Of Whizzer Mcgee
 MusicVideos80S Best 16-5
 MusicVideos80S Best 11-3-2
 MusicVideos80S Best 19-3-10
 MusicVideos80S Best 16-3-7
 MusicVideos80S Best 4-22
1:30p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Humiliated
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Changing Heart
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Fire That Caused His Insomnia Insomnia
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Baldwin Receives His Bullet
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Hitchcock Addresses His Fluctuating Figure
2:10p TheShadow S1-E6 The Shadow's Trap
2:20p 30sMovies Medicine Hat Stallion
  30sMovies The Golf Specialist
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 20
4:20p 50sMovies The Son of Monte Cristo
  50sMovies Disorder In The Court
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 16
6:20p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Divorce
 MusicVideos80S Best 33-17
 MusicVideos80S Best 13-4
7:00p Documentary Wildly rushing rivers in the Alps
  Documentary Mysterious Oceanic Oases Hotspots of life
 MusicVideos80S Best 1-21
 MusicVideos80S Best 15-3-6
 MusicVideos80S Best 18-3-9
8:40p 50sMovies First Spaceship on Venus
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 12
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 38
10:00p SciFi Beautiful Dreamer Award Winning Sci-Fi Short
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour September 17, 1950
11:00p TheInvisibleMan S2-E13 The Big Plot
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E7 Shadow On The Screen
  TheInvisibleMan S2-E6 The Decoy
7:00a Cartoon Color Classics Musical Memories
  Cartoon Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Short 171 Beach Combers
  Cartoon Popeye The Sailor Popeye the Sailor with Little Swee'Pea
  Cartoon Superman The Mad Scientist
  Cartoon Swing You Sinners
  Cartoon Little Red School Mouse Restored
  Cartoon Fresh Vegetable Mystery
  Cartoon Mickey Mouse Mickey's Surprise Party
8:00a 50sMovies Blackmail
  50sMovies The Snows of Kilimanjaro
 MusicVideos80S Best 2-8
 MusicVideos80S Best 44-25
 MusicVideos80S Best 51-33
11:30a Martian S2-E36 My Favorite Martian El Señor from Mars
 MusicVideos80S Best 12-3
 MusicVideos80S Best 10-1
12:20a Bonanza S4E11 Gallagher's Sons
 MusicVideos80S Best 47-28
 MusicVideos80S Best 6-35
 MusicVideos80S Best 31-16
 MusicVideos80S Best 50-32
 MusicVideos80S Best 28-12
1:30p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Claude Rains Preys For A Losing Horse
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Souffle A La Glass The Perfect Murder
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Dick York in The Dusty Drawer
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Crash That Trapped Him Breakdown
2:10p TheShadow S1-E5 Danger Above
2:30p 30sMovies The Trap Charlie Chan
  30sMovies The Dentist
  30sMovies Pardon My Pups
 MusicVideos80S Best 43-24
 MusicVideos80S Best 36-20
4:30p 50sMovies My Dear Secretary
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour December 30, 1951
6:40p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show The Life and Love of Joe Coogan
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Oh How We Met on the Night That We Danced
 MusicVideos80S Best 2-3-11
 MusicVideos80S Best 49-30
 MusicVideos80S Best 34-18
7:50p Documentary Wildlife in Germany's lakes
  Documentary The Pan-American Highway From Peru to Tierra del Fuego
 MusicVideos80S Best 12-3-3
 MusicVideos80S Best 45-26
9:30p 50sMovies Malice In The Palace
  50sMovies All-American Co-Ed
 CartoonLa Linea S00 Episode 04
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 07
10:40p SciFi Battle Beyond The Sun
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 04
11:50p TheInvisibleMan S1-E3 Behind The Mask
7:00a Cartoon Porky's Preview
  Cartoon Poor Cinderella in Cinecolor
  Cartoon The Old Shell Game (Restored)
  Cartoon Color Classics Hold It
  Cartoon Meet John Doughboy (Restored)
  Cartoon Electric Earthquake
  Cartoon Any Bonds Today
  Cartoon KoKo Needles the Boss
  Cartoon Mickey sings Minnie's Yoo Hoo
8:00a 50sMovies The Time of Your Life
  50sMovies The Black Tent
 MusicVideos80S Best 46-27
 MusicVideos80S Best 29-13
 MusicVideos80S Best 30-15
 MusicVideos80S Best 17-3-8
11:30a Martian S1-E24 My Favorite Martian The Magnetic Personality and Who Needs It
 MusicVideos80S Best 37-21
 MusicVideos80S Best 7-36
12:20a Bonanza S1E21 The Spanish Grant
1:10p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Hatbox
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents A Ventriloquists Confession
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents A True Devil Incarnate
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Blackmails For Murder In Help Wanted
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Hitchcock Roots For His Favourite Team
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Kind Waitress
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Are You In Or Out
2:00p TheShadow S1-E15 The Shadow's Net Closes
2:10p 30sMovies Think Fast Mr Moto Peter Lorre
  30sMovies Detective Jim Hanvey
4:10p 50sMovies The Gold Rush
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour June 5, 1955
6:00p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show A Farewell to Writing
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Where Did I Come From
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 04
7:20p Documentary Curious marmots in the Alps
  Documentary Primeval squids In the hunting grounds of the mysterious Cephalopods
 MusicVideos80S Best 13-3-4
8:50p 50sMovies The Medicine Man
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 44
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 28
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour May 31, 1953
10:50p TheInvisibleMan S1-E5 Picnic With Death
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E10 Jailbreak
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E9 Blind Justice
7:00a Cartoon Hittin' The Trail For Hallelujah Land
  Cartoon Daffy Duck The Commando (Restored)
  Cartoon Drafty, Isn't It
  Cartoon Cheese Burgler
  Cartoon Popeye The Sailor A Date to Skate
  Cartoon Farm Frolics
  Cartoon Screen Song The Ski's the Limit
  Cartoon Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Restored)
8:00a 50sMovies Abbot and Costello Africa Screams
  50sMovies The Little Princess Shirley Temple
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour May 30, 1954
11:30a Martian S2-E27 My Favorite Martian Uncle Baby
  Martian S1-E10 My Favourite Martian Raffles No. 2
 MusicVideos80S Best 23-3-15
 MusicVideos80S Best 5-31
12:40a Bonanza S2E25 The Duke
1:30p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Business CEO Turned Delusional
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents The Last Escape
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Outlaw Takes Bids For His Own Bounty
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents When Teacher Decides To Track Her Student
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 40
2:20p TheShadow S1-E8 The Shadow Rides the Rails
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 37
2:40p 30sMovies Island of Doomed Men Peter Lorre
  30sMovies X Marks the Spot
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 25
4:50p 50sMovies Singing In The Rain
 MusicVideos80S Best 24-10
6:50p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Uncle George
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show I'd Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All
7:40p Documentary Lorelei The fascinating biodiversity of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley
8:30p 50sMovies The Great Dan Patch
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour January 25, 1953
10:50p TheInvisibleMan S2-E7 The Gun Runners
  TheInvisibleMan S2-E10 Man In Power
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E2 Crisis In The Desert
7:00a Cartoon Prest-O Change
  Cartoon Foney Fables
  Cartoon Merrie Melodies Hamateur Night
  Cartoon The Bulleteers
  Cartoon Rookie Revue
  Cartoon Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor
  Cartoon Twenty Legs Under the Sea
8:00a 50sMovies Till The Clouds Roll By
  50sMovies Nothing Sacred
11:30a Martian S2-E14 My Favorite Martian Won't You Come Home, Uncle Martin
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 07
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 42
12:00a Bonanza S4E33 The Boss
 MusicVideos80S Best 25-11
1:00p Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Ruperts Suspicious Rope
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents A Devilish Scheme Bankrupts An Entire Town
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents Hitchcock Gets A Translator
  Hitchcock Hitchcock Presents A New Friend Breaks Her Trust
1:30p TheShadow S1-E10 The Underground Trap
1:50p 30sMovies Lady In The Death House
  30sMovies Paradise Express
 MusicVideos80S Best 19-7
3:50p 50sMovies Road to Bali
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour February 4, 1951
6:00p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Father of the Week
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Who Owes Who What
 MusicVideos80S Best 40-23
7:10p Documentary Kermode The salmon fishing spirit bear-6-
  Documentary The most beautiful national parks of the USA
 MusicVideos80S Best 48-29
9:00p 50sMovies Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
 MusicVideos80S Best 17-6
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour February 10, 1952
10:50p TheInvisibleMan S2-E9 Man In Disguise
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E1 Secret Esperiment
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E4 The Locked Room
7:00a Cartoon Gabby It's A Hap Hap Happy Day
  Cartoon Dingbat land
  Cartoon Dancing on the Moon
  Cartoon Notes to You
  Cartoon The Little Cut Up
  Cartoon Puss N' Booty
  Cartoon Get Rich Quick Porky 3
  Cartoon Confusions of a Nutzy Spy
8:00a Animation Alice In Paris
  Animation A Ride For Cinderella
 MusicVideos80S Best 14-3-5
9:30a Bonanza S2E8 The Abduction
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour December 19, 1954
11:00a Martian S1-E22 My Favorite Martian Uncle Martians Broadcast
  Martian S1-E11 My Favourite Martian The Atom Misers
  Martian S2-E6 My Favorite Martian Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception
  Martian S2-E31 My Favorite Martian Never Trust a Naked Martian
12:40a 50sMovies The Beek Trees Kirk Douglas
2:10p Documentary From Canada to Norway Beyond the Arctic Circle
  Documentary The fascinating world of the humpback whales
 MusicVideos80S Best 22-3-14
4:10p 30sMovies International Crime
  30sMovies Convicts Code
 MusicVideos80S Best 23-9
6:30p 30sMovies Mr Moto Gamble Peter Lorre
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 01
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 53
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 03
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour January 10, 1954
8:30p TheInvisibleMan S1-E11 Bank Raid
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E12 Odds Against Death
  TheInvisibleMan S2-E3 The Vanishing Evidence
  TheInvisibleMan S2-E5 Flight Into Darkness
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E8 The Mink coat
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 19
10:40p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show The Impractical Joke
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Happy Birthday and Too Many More
 MusicVideos80S Best 10-3-1
11:40p 50sMovies All Ashore
7:00a Cartoon A Tale of Two Kitties
  Cartoon Jerky Turkey
  Cartoon Scrap Happy Daffy (Restored)
  Cartoon Cobweb Hotel
  Cartoon Popeye The Sailor I Never Changes My Altitude
  Cartoon Color Classics Play Safe
  Cartoon Get Rich Quick Porky 2
  Cartoon Hollywood Capers
8:00a Animation Gumbasia
 MusicVideos80S Best 20-3-12
9:30a Bonanza S1E23 Desert Justice
10:20a Martian S1-E33 My Favorite Martian Oh My Aching Antenna
  Martian S2-E13 My Favorite Martian To Make a Rabbit Stew, First Catch a Martian
  Martian S1-E2 My Favourite Martian The Memory Pull
 MusicVideos80S Best 21-3-13
11:50a 50sMovies Beyond Tomorrow
1:20p Documentary The Cape Verde Islands
  Documentary The fascinating fauna of the Mediterranean Sea
  Documentary Walruses Unexpectedly skilled Heavyweights
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 34
 CartoonLa Linea S01 Episode 41
3:40p 30sMovies The Flying Deuces
  30sMovies The Hat Box Mystery Tom Neal
5:30p 30sMovies Your Aunt Emma!
 ComedyHourThe Colgate Comedy Hour November 12, 1950
7:10p TheInvisibleMan S1-E6 Play To Kill
  TheInvisibleMan S2-E4 The Prize
  TheInvisibleMan S2-E12 Shadow Bomb
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E13 Strange Partners
  TheInvisibleMan S1-E0 Pilot Story
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 22
 CartoonLa Linea S02 Episode 06
 CartoonLa Linea S00 Episode 08
9:30p DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home
  DickVanDike The Dick Van Dyke Show Fifty Two Forty Five or Work
10:20p 50sMovies The 39 Steps
11:50p SciFi Alien Origin

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